Talent is the most important resource of an enterprise, and high-quality talent is the source of power for an enterprise to create value, develop continuously and prosper forever.

The business philosophy of shifenhao company is "serving customers wholeheartedly and successfully". To achieve rapid growth, we need to bring together a large number of marketing, management, R & D and service talents. The company adheres to the principle of "people-oriented", respecting knowledge and talents: to create a good development space for talents - to retain talents for career; to maintain salary structure and perfect welfare policies with skills and performance as the main indicators - to retain talents for treatment; to create a good corporate culture atmosphere, and to continuously enhance the cohesion of enterprises - to retain talents for emotion.

The company has established a scientific human resource management system, gradually improved the talent operation mechanism to give full play to individual potential, and provided everyone with the space to play their own ability and realize their own value while achieving the big goal.

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